Mission to Earth: Choose life, spaceman, spacewoman.

Imagine you, a spaceman, a spacewoman, woke up one day after travelling millions and millions of miles, after a very, very long sleep.

You slept so long, you forgot what a body was, what a planet was.  You forgot yourself and all your humanity.

It would probably take several days to get your bearings and be able to even digest food.

As you woke up, everything felt like a gift – you were given an amazing body, arms, legs, fingers, toes, and a mind to go with it.  Imagine a body that could do amazing things – run, swim, climb, surf, dance, or just walk, and most amazingly as you remembered – reproduce.


For several weeks, you had to remain in your space capsule, even though you had alighted on this beautiful and rich planet.  You remained in your metal and plastic capsule, breathing stale, recycled air, drinking stale, recycled water, cramped and crouched down, much like your ancient cave dwelling ancestors after a long winter, eating too much stale food.

Finally, when you could almost stand it no longer, your computer chaperones declared it safe to open the door, safe to explore this new and beautiful planet.

Now, imagine you were given an amazing place to live, full of amazing creatures, deep forests, plants, frogs, birds, fish, and everything else.

Your space-age civilization had learned that you could not only survive, but thrive on a plant-based diet.   Furthermore, you had learned that, especially in a largely sedentary and technological lifestyle, it was critical to do so.  Coincidentally, back on your home planet, you had learned that it just made sense to live off of plants.  Not only was it very healthy, such a way of life used many orders of magnitude fewer resources – energy, water, land.  And, along with this, it allowed you to live in a world that was much more compassionate, a world you wanted to live in.

So now, you found yourself on this new amazing planet, with this new amazing body.

What would you do?


4 thoughts on “Mission to Earth: Choose life, spaceman, spacewoman.

  1. Reblogged this on Shunyata's Apprentice and commented:
    Another post from fellow-wordpresser “the spaceman” — and again it just gets to me… I’m moving strongly in the pure direction… but it’s not without struggle. I need support… Giana is making these amazing salads now, and we’ve inherited a vita-mix, so we’re making progress…
    But, read this, it’s great!

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